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Best Organic Baby Shampoo/Washes And Things To Avoid

Top 5 Best Organic Baby Shampoo/Washes And Things To Avoid

When it comes to our babies, we always make sure that we give just the best. Babies do have sensitive skin and scalp, so when it comes to bathing, we want to provide shampoos and body wash that are chemical-free and organic. Organic products are circulating in any markets online. However, not all provide the best care that your baby deserves.

Here, we reviewed top products and came with our top 5 best baby shampoos/body wash. This also serves as your buying guide – all is covered about good baby shampoos and wash.​

*Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

The common nasty stuff to avoid

There are three primary chemicals, which are contained in many baby shampoos and washed that you certainly need to avoid. After the controversy about Johnson & Johnson using formaldehyde, a chemical used to embalm; you immediately realize that you need to be a skeptic money and be extra cautious in choosing the products to use for your baby’s bath.

There are three primary chemicals common in any shampoos and washes that you need to avoid.​

1. Parabens

Parabens are chemical preservatives common to all washes, soaps and even to different products like makeup. They are used as preservatives to avoid bacteria’s growth in a certain formula, stalling the product’s decay and expiration. Parabens are used in different forms like methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben.

What makes paraben bad? Parabens are proven to mimic the hormone estrogen. Worse, estrogen disruption contributes to the growth of any forms of cancer. A recent study showed from the samples taken that 99% of breast cancer tissues have traces of parabens.​

Because of this awareness, some products are paraben-free. Try to choose those.​

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS

SLS originates from coconuts but manufacturing it results to carcinogens – 1,4 dioxin and Ethylene oxide. This chemical is a detergent, surfactant, and emulsifier that is widely used in any cosmetic products. Products such as shampoos, body washes, detergents, mouthwash, and other industrial cleaners use this chemical. Without this, your shampoos and body wash would look like dull and would be like poor cleaners.

It causes eye and skin irritation, and your baby doesn't need to suffer in this. There are sayings that this chemical also causes cancer. However, there has been no amount of research about it.​

3. Chemical Fragrance

Chemical fragrance might give your shampoos and baby wash a good scent, but you need to know that it contains many chemicals that can affect your baby. In fact, fragrance industries use more than 3000 chemicals to come up with one fragrance. Worse, these “more than 3000” chemicals are hidden from the customers under the name “fragrance” in the product’s ingredients.

These chemicals are known to cause you baby irritation in their respiratory systems. Aside from this, these chemicals are associated with disrupted hormone activity and breast, liver cancers.​

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Organic Baby Shampoo

Things you need to consider before buying

You already know that chemicals that most shampoo and baby wash industry use in their formulas. We do not want those chemicals on our baby’s skin. This is why in choosing the best shampoo and baby wash, try to choose those that use natural ingredients, with no harsh chemicals that can affect your baby’s skin, hair, and overall health.

Organic products are way better than those that use chemicals as their ingredients. While it is true they can be more expensive; there is no wrong spending some cash to avoid harm to your baby. There are certainly good qualities that you need to find in an organic shampoo/baby wash.​

• Your baby’s skin type and scalp type

Determining your baby’s skin type is the first thing you need to do. This is because it greatly affects how the shampoos and baby wash can affect its cleaning performance and your baby’s health. All babies have a sensitive scalp. However, other babies can have very delicate and sensitive scalp. Aside from this, there are also babies that have a dry and oily scalp.​

If your baby has eczema or cradle cap, there are shampoos that have eczema-controlling agents and essential oils for this. If your baby has an allergy to any ingredients, there are shampoos and baby wash that are mid and non-allergenic.​

• Formula​

After determining your baby’s skin type, you now need to consider the formula that the products have. There are formulas that contain honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, which are mild, natural and good for your baby. This is why they should be preferred.

​You also need to choose those that have no harmful chemicals like SLS, parabens, and mineral oils that can easily absorb in your baby’s skin.

Avoid, as much as possible, those that have irritants like dyes and fragrance.​

• The product’s uses

There are baby’s shampoos, baby wash, while there are others that work as both. Try to choose those that can be used as shampoo and baby wash; utilize from her hair to her toes. This can help you avoid spending too much in different baby’s needs. There are also products that have exfoliating ingredients that effectively eliminates the need for scrubs. You see, a product that has many uses can save you more money.

• Price

Again, organic shampoos can be more expensive than other that use chemicals because organic ingredients are costly than those harmful chemicals. There are some that cost less than $20, but there are also expensive that are 100% natural and organic. The prices can range $5 and $30. It all depends on the ingredients and brands.

Another thing you can do to save is to buy in large quantities to also save shipping fee.

The following tips can help you in choosing the best organic shampoo and body wash for your baby.​

  • Read the ingredients of the product. Organic products may contain chemicals.
  • Do not use shampoos and baby wash frequently.
  • Choose those that do not have many ingredients.
  • Choose those that have no fragrance.
  • If your baby has sensitive skin, use certified organic product that has chamomile that soothes the skin and helps hair growth.
  • Choose those products that have no-tear formula.
  • Choose that have a good PH balance.
  • Try to find those that are hypoallergenic and are recommended by pediatricians.
  • Always rinse thoroughly to avoid clogging baby’s’ pores.

The best organic baby shampoo you can trust

Certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program and certified vegan by Vegan Action, Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap is one of the best. It cleans and leaves your baby’s skin and scalp smooth and moisturized.

It contains natural and organic ingredients with pure Castile liquid soap with no synthetic detergents and preservatives. You are guaranteed that the ingredients are certified non-GMO. The product also has no fragrance, which makes it milder and chemical-free.

What I like about this product is that the packaging is recycled (post-consumer recycled plastic bottles)


  • Effective
  • All natural
  • Smooth and very moisturizing
  • Certified organic and vegan
  • Recycled packaging
  • No fragrance


  • None so far

This product is another natural and organic product that effectively cleans your baby’s skin and hair while not harming her health. The ingredients are in fact proven to be tear-free and non-irritating.

It uses sulfonates as an alternative for sulfates. It is rated 1.0 by EWG, which makes it more even safe for your baby. It contains oat milk that effectively leaves the skin and scalp smooth and healthy.

Other ingredients include Chamomile, Watercress, Calendula, which are natural and good for your baby.

When it comes to smell, it has no chemical fragrance, yet it has a good mild smell.​


  • Effective in washing
  • Scored 1.0 by EWG and is proven safe
  • It contains good ingredients like Chamomile, Calendula, etc.
  • Gentle and fragrance-free


  • Few users claim it irritated they baby’s eyes.

This product contains no harmful chemicals like parabens, fragrance, antibacterial chemicals, phthalates, and harsh sulfates. It has natural and organic ingredients which are scored 1.0 by EWG (Environmental Working Group) and 1.0 by Earth Mama Angel Baby. 1.0 is an excellent score – the lower the number, the better the product.

It has a total of seven ingredients. However, this product has no teary-eyed formula. So you better be careful when applying to your baby’s face.

When it comes to smell, the product has no scent. Another thing to like about this product is that the foaming pump, which makes the application easier.


  • Scored 1.0 by EWG and Mama Angel Baby
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Natural
  • No fragrance
  • Good dispenser


  • Non-teary eye formula

California Baby Calming Shampoo-Body Wash can be very easy to find since it is famous and widely marketed by many stores. There are various versions of this product yet we choose Calendula shampoo and body wash, which has a good EWG score of 1.

What is good about this product is that is has a Calendula flower that is used for many centuries to smooth the skin. It also gives good natural fragrance that comes from the essential oils of these flowers.

It is a no-tear shampoo that leaves your baby’s eyes not irritated.The only con we saw in this product is the container itself. This is because, when you pump, you pump shampoo more than what you need.


  • Effective
  • Made from Calendula flower
  • Scent comes from essential oils
  • No-tear formula


  • The pumps give shampoo more than what you need

Nature’s paradise is a good organic shampoo, which has a few ingredients - effective in cleansing your baby during bath without harming her. It contains vitamins A, B, D, E that nourish and protect your baby’s skin. It is gentle yet effective.

​When it comes to ingredients, it is made mostly from water and organic coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil, and green tea. Although the apple cider vinegar is not organic, this also does not cause any harm to your baby. Apple cider vinegar also works as a natural preservative of the product.

When it comes to smell, the product has a sweet and mild fragrance that quickly fades.

You might get discouraged by the price because it is a bit expensive compared to other brands in the market. However, it has natural ingredients, so it is all worth it.​


  • Effective
  • Gentle
  • Natural
  • Contains vitamins A, B, D, and E


  • Can be a bit expensive

Final Thoughts

We recommend Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap for your baby as our number one best shampoo and body wash among the rest. It is certified natural and vegan, which means all ingredients are guaranteed safe. It is effective in cleaning while leaving your baby’s skin and scalp healthy and moisturized.

I hope you had found this article informative. If you have questions, kindly post them below in the comment section. Suggestions and recommendations are also very welcome and would be much appreciated.​

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