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Breastfeeding: A precious moment for the both mom and kid



The breast milk is a God gifted thing for the newborn. Whenever, a woman becomes a mother, and gives birth to a newborn baby, a natural milk naturally comes into her breast. This milk is the only one perfect food for a baby, who has just taken birth to the world. Moreover, no other food is too much more appropriate for a baby whenever he is undergoing the age within six months.
Therefore, whenever a woman has become a mother for the very 1st time, she may unaware of the proper feeding, processing of her kid. So, this writing can certainly help her a lot.

Why should you feed your baby the breast milk?

Feeding the breast milk to a child is not an essential task of a mother, but it is a right of a baby too. From several types of statistics, it has been found that, no other food contains such necessary elements, which are highly beneficial for a child that the breast milk contains. Moreover, it has also got to know that if a mother feed her kid properly, then her health also can be fitted. So, in a word, the baby and the mother can stay healthy by the breastfeeding.

The cluster feeding



The cluster feeding means feed the baby, his mom’s milk through a particular routine or by following an individual time break. It may be a break of 30-45 mins. Whenever, the sufficient amount of milk again reserves in the breast, then the doctors used to suggest to feed the kids. By doing this, the baby will not stay hungry anymore and also will get the habit of having the milk with a pretty routine. Then he will also not disturb his mom whenever she is busy or sleeping at night.

When should you become tensed?

I am admitting that, feeding the kid, the breast milk, indeed, a very pleasure to a mother. She can realize her motherhood with a new look, whenever she is feeding her baby. But if the below situation appears, then she surely is tensed indeed-
1. If the baby can’t suck the nipple or can’t take the milk.
2. Have the breathing problem while making the milk.
3. Cry aloud or refuse to drink.
4. Having vomiting or gas problem in his stomach
5. Much prefer the packet milk than the breast milk.


Well! The feeding time is definitely a great enjoyable moment for the both mom and the kid. This is not only essential time for a child, but it also means a lot to increase the bond between the mom and her baby. From several types of survey, it has been found that the children, who are habituated with the mom’s breast milk, are more connected with their mother, than the kids, who take the outsider milk, as the options of the breast milk. Moreover, they also can be stayed healthy as the breast milk has more protective power to keep their kid from any kind of diseases.

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