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Hello, and welcome to Fresh Baby Gear. My name is Alicia, and I’m on a mission to give the best tips, all necessary information about baby gear to help you, new moms get the best view before buying a product.

When I was pregnant, I remember thinking if I bought all the gear that everyone recommended to me, I would probably have five carriers, three rockers, six strollers, and various other things that my friends and family members told me I “just can’t live without!!!” If you live in the city you know, there is no extra space for stuff you don’t use. That is a huge waste.

Fresh Baby Gear Site Mission

We, at freshbabygear.com, assist you with providing appropriate tips, tricks and the buying guide for baby care products, which can make your life so much easier. We have experienced in managing the daily business activities of the online portal and an expert in baby care products and baby care activities. A team of professionals supports me to offer solutions for childcare issues.

Right from the birth of the baby, there are certain essentials you need to arrange for your child. As your baby grows, the needs will also grow. The professionally managed freshbabygear.com team is all set and ready to guide you through buying the essential stuff for your baby.​

Every woman when they leave the hospital with their little bundle of joy wishes that they had an instruction manual handy. Though there are much parenting and baby care information available, many of them do not carry sufficient information for a new parent. In addition, they are not handy and have a lot of confusing information. Our team is offering complete baby care solution on freshbabygear.com.​

Our experts can take care of you

We are not focusing or collaborating with brands and promote any particular brands. We, as a team would like to provide buying guides and more tips on choosing baby stuff at each stage. Our expert team is well aware of the latest changes happening around the industry and continually research to find out information about baby products.

Whenever a new baby gear released in the market, we promise to bring up the information for you as soon as possible with it pros and cons. We do not come up with generalized information. Instead, you will get the exact information you require as a new parent to provide your baby better care.​

Check our product buying guides and review guides

Our product reviews and buying guide will help you to take a wise decision in choosing essential baby products. You will able to find the exclusive information about different baby gears and products at freshbabygear.com, which you do not find anywhere else.

We value your feedbacks

As we would like to improve our website to every bit all the time, your suggestions are heartily welcomed. We would like to hear your valuable comments, suggestions, thoughts, advice, feedbacks ad complaints if any.

We are committed serving you lawfully and to provide you factual information to guide you for better parenting, which can help you to take a right decision when it comes to looking after your baby.

If you are a new parent who does not know what to shop, and how to buy for your child, we are here to guide you in the right direction. You can also have personal assistance from me, and my team members will always be available to answer your queries.​

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I wish you the all the best on your new journey.

Alicia Martinez

Editor of Fresh Baby Gear.​