Best Baby Sleep Sack: The Best Guide For New Moms

Top 5 Best Sleep Sacks: The Best Guide For New Moms

Sleep sacks are used to provide both you and your baby more comfortability and convenience. It has the comfort of a sleeping sack and the softness and lightness of a baby blanket. While there are many sleep sacks available on both brick and mortar stores and online markets, not all of them provides you the best quality materials and justifiable price.

Read through as this helping guide will provide you the right and comprehensive information about the things you need to know and consider about sleep sacks. This guide also reviewed leading brands and came with the top five (5) best sleep sacks (sleeping bags) you need to try!

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Why I love sleep sacks?

Sleep slacks can give a lot of advantages that potentially reduce your stress. Do you always wake up to the sound of your baby because he always wiggles out of his blanket?

When you use sleep sacks instead of the blanket, you would be able to avoid tangling your baby in blankets that make him hard to breathe. When you use a sleep sack, your baby can move more comfortably and naturally. Rest assured that your sleep sack would not slide off throughout the night, providing a longer and sounder sleep for both of you. Other advantages include:

​• It is multipurpose. You can use sleep slack as a swaddle and a blanket.

• It is versatile. You can use it wherever you go. It is also perfect for family travel.

• More comfort. Both you and your child will never have any disturbance in sleeping.

• Provides a safer sleeping environment.

• Prevents feet from becoming stuck between bars.

• The transition from cuddling your baby to placing him to the cot can be easy when you put him in the sleeping sack.

• The sleeping sack can be your baby’s cue of sleeping hours.​

Different types of sleep sack

There are two kinds of the sleep sack. These are:

1. Baby Sleep Sack

The baby sleep sack is the most common kind of sleep sack. It seals your baby from its neck to its toes, in a loose fitting cocoon to make your babies feel comfortable. Take note that because it is in a cocoon style, your baby might end up face down when he stands to wear this sleep sack. This is why it is ideal for a baby who can’t walk yet. As soon as your baby starts walking, using baby sleep sack is not a good idea.

One of the trusted brands is the Halo company, which products are used by many different hospitals all over the globe. You can guarantee safer materials and quality service.​

2. Toddler Sleep Sack

This kind is as the same with the baby sleep sack except that the cocoon has feet openings. It is exclusively made to suit a toddler who can already walk, to make sure that he won’t trip when he stands upright in his crib.

You also need to take note that toddler sleep sack is not ideal for daywear. It is designed larger than a daywear so that your toddler would not have difficulty in moving. Whether he pulled his legs or wiggle, there would be a large space inside to ensure comfortability.​

Top 5 Best Sleep Sacks

This sleep sack is made of 100% cotton to provide your baby a very comfortable and soft feeling, to help him have a safe and sound sleep at night. It has a TOG 0.5 that ensures your baby can move comfortably in hot environments. It is also available in three different sizes and many designs you can choose from.

When it comes to its construction, this brand is sleeveless so that your toddler can move his hands without feeling restricted and also reduces the risk of overheating. It also has a zipper on the bottom so that you change his diaper easily.​


  • Recommended by doctors.
  • Very soft, 100% cotton.
  • You can unzip from the bottom for easier diaper change.
  • Bigger so your child can wiggle and move his legs comfortably.


  • Some users claim zipper issues.

Baby Deedee’s sleep sack is also made of 100% cotton on the exterior fabric and a soft quilted interior that provides a very smooth feeling to your baby. It is ideal for autumn and winter use and has a TOG score of 2.5. This ensures that your baby is provided warmth even at a cold temperature.

When it comes to the construction, it is made in a comfortable cocoon shape and has exclusive shoulder straps to ensure your baby when placing him to sleep or stand.

It also has a high-quality reverse zipper and can be washed in a machine.​


  • 100% cotton exterior and soft quilted interior.
  • Ideal for cold temperature.
  • Has exclusive shoulder straps for more security.
  • Has a reverse zipper for.


  • Toddlers can undo the snaps easily.

This Halo product is good for babies even in coldest winter nights. It has a tog rating of 2.5 and available in three sizes. Halo products are most recommended by doctors, so you are very sure of your baby’s health and safety.

When it comes to the construction, this brand has a generous sack to enable your baby to move comfortably. It means that he can kick because he is provided with bigger space. It has a sleeveless design to avoid overheating. The sleeveless design enables his hands and arms to move freely.


  • Recommended by doctors.
  • Sleeveless design to make hands move freely and avoid overheating.
  • Zipper on the bottom for easier diaper change.
  • Ideal even in a very cold weather.


  • Some users claim zipper issues.

This merino is appropriate for all seasons, as it adjusts to the heating temperature of the surrounding, providing your baby comfort and convenience. What is great about this is that it is made of two layers of pure cotton – 100 natural and GOTS-certified. Baby from zero to two years old can be fitted in the bag, so you don’t need to buy another size when your baby grows up.

It is durable and has an innovative safety belt aperture that makes transferring off baby easier and provides more security to the baby. It is ideal for warmer weather conditions like spring and summer.


  • 100% Cotton Merino.
  • Good for babies up to two years.
  • GOTS certified.
  • Has a safety belt aperture.


  • Snaps on shoulders can be easily undone by baby.

It is made of made from hypoallergenic Merino wool, that provides the most versatile fabric when it comes to temperature. The merino wool adjusts the temperature so that it can be used in four different seasons.

It is also GOTS certified and 100% organic cotton exterior and is ideal for baby up to two years old. It is also rated as number one best selling merino wool for baby sleeping bags and won Mom’s Choice Award and Creative Childs on 2012.

When it comes to construction, it has shoulder snaps and the two-way side zipper to make dressing and undressing easier. It also has seat belt slots for easier transfer to stroller and crib.​


  • 100% made of merino wool and cotton exterior.
  • GOTS certified.
  • No. 1 best-selling merino wool sleep sacks.
  • Winner of many awards.
  • Machine washable.
  • Fire resistant.


  • None so far

Things you need to consider before buying a Sleep Sack

To have just the best sleep sacks in the market can be very hard. Some are pricier but have most of the features while others are cheaper yet lack some of the features you want. While it is true that cheaper products may not have all the fancy features, you can also weigh the advantages and the benefits you can have a certain brand, so that you can have the best quality item with a low price.

The main factors you need to consider are size, tog rating, sleepwear combinations, zip position, fabric type, and travel and other features.


When deciding on a size, base it on your baby’s current size. Most mommies want to utilize larger sized sleep packs to accommodate their baby’s future size. While it can look like you would have a greater value in buying something that he will grow into, there is also a higher risk of buying something that cannot be of much use now.

When your sleeping bag is too large, there is a greater tendency that your child may slip down inside the neck or slide around – you would lose the primary usage of the sleep sack.

The sleep sack is available in:​

• Zero to six months.

• Six to eighteen months.

• Eighteen months to thirty-six months​.

Merino sleep sack is available in:

• Newborn to two years.

• Two years to four years.​

Always remember to measure your baby from shoulders to feet to determine the correct sleep sack size for him.​

TOG Rating

TOG rating indicates how warm the sleeping bag can be, and the weather they are suitable for. The higher the score, the warmer the sleep sacks. Most sleep sack uses the European TOG rating system.

For instance:

Sleep sack that is rated 1.2 or below are ideal for spring and summer use

Sleep sack rated 2-2.5 or below are ideal for autumn to winter use​

Woolbabe bags have the widest range:

Three-seasons bag – ideal for room temperatures (18 to 30 degrees)

Duvet weight bags – ideal for room temperatures (14 to 22 degrees)​

Merino bags do not have tog rating because they are made with natural fiber which adjusts based on the environment’s temperature.​

Type of Fabric

Pure Merino – this is the most expensive among other types of fabric. Merino provides a very versatile approach to temperature. Whether it is in summer or winter, your baby would still have the same level of comfortability.

Pure Cotton – these sleep sacks are lightweight and good for spring and summer seasons. They usually have TOG scores of 0.5 to 1.0.

Merino-Cotton - This combination has the both advantage of versatility in temperature provided by Merino and the smoothness, softness provided by cotton.​

Types of zipper

• Front zip is more comfortable and convenient. They don’t give you any hassle in popping out the arms and shoulder domes. It also provides easy access to your baby’s whole body

• Shoulder domes and side zip are ideal for babies under six months.

For more information, visit this website.​

Final Thoughts

To get most of your sleep sack, make sure you consider the following:

  • The thickness of the material – The thickness of the clothing material needs to serve your purpose and is appropriate for the weather. For instance, the Thin sleep sack is excellent in summer while thick ones are suitable for winter and cold weather. If you want Merino wool sleep sack, which is good for all types of weather, there are also some that are available in the market although they can be very expensive.
  • Top to bottom zipper – It is very important that your choice has this top-to-bottom zipper feature. This zipper needs to finish at the baby’s feet, so he will not be able to reach it. This also ensures that your baby stays protected.
  • Travel features – if you don’t like traveling, you can opt to the regular sleep sacks. However, if you plan on bringing your baby with you in travel, find some features of sleep sack that fit for travel. This includes the ability to put your baby in a pushchair under the sleep sacks. Aside from this, travel bags are designed to withstand three and five point harness systems.

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