best post-partum girdle

Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle (Updated 2017)

After a baby is born, women always want to have a solid support and a girdle is one of the best kits that can do a wonder for them. Normally, a postpartum girdle (also known as a pregnancy girdle) or belt is used by the new mothers who had a C-section delivery or needs compression in the stomach area along with the backside as well as hips.

best post-partum girdle


A Postpartum girdle offers some advantages to the new moms. After the 9 months of pregnancy, the body parts of a woman (like the spine) get quite affected, and a girdle is the best thing that can help them in recovering from this problem. A postpartum girdle can also provide a benefit to the uterus to return to its usual location. All those women who get embarrassed due to their post-baby fat and weight, a best postpartum girdle is an outstanding way to make them look in-shape as well as fit. These also even aids in reducing more weight gain by constricting the fatty cells. Girdles are a kind of belts that are also suggested for lymphatic injury and for decreasing the swelling.

However, earlier women find the girdles quite itchy to wear but now it is not at all uncomfortable due to the modern materials and design. These are very useful for the sore backbones and swollen stomach muscles, particularly if you have faced a recent C-section or a mid-section during the time of delivery. However, it becomes quite difficult for the people to purchase the perfect postpartum girdle from the available options in the market. Here, we will discuss the top five best postpartum girdle that can be worth to buy.

1. Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle in Market

1.1 Squeem "Perfect Waist" Firm Compression Waist Trainer

best postpartum girdle


This postpartum girdle provides a “desired” belly to the mothers while flaunting their natural body curves. This belt also offers a back support that is required to accurate the incorrect posture which you may have established throughout the prenatal period. This particular girdle is impeccable for those moms who are having complications at the midsection. This product takes out the difficulties that affect the post-partum mothers who desire to slim down the specific parts of their body but without wearing any multifaceted and skin irritating belts.

What will make you buy this?

  • This product is not like other girdles that turned up when firmly fitted. This girdle is manufactured in such a way that an integral skinning structure stops these roll-ups.
  • This product simply shapes up the midsection so the main outcome is a trimmer body along with the flaunting curves.
  • It also supports the post-partum moms to still look stylish by wearing their off-shoulder outfits as this girdle only shields the mid-section.
  • It offers an extensive variety of sizes i.e. from very small XS to the larger size 5XL.

1.2 Bellefit Postpartum Corset

best postpartum girdle


The Bellefit Postpartum Corset functions best for the mothers who had C-sections as this is intended to benefits those females who have their delivery by C-section. As the uterus of a mother had been strained for the period of 9 months and if they start wearing this belt for the post-delivery initial six months then, it could fetch those amazing results. This girdle is an Extreme Lean Fit Medical-Rank garment that gives back support. It also does not make the mothers uncomfortable so that they can continue with their routine daily activities in no time. The usage of this rank medical garment also certifies that there are no needless complications in wearing it as an additional care have been taken into an account due to the abdominal slits which a mother have during the delivery time.

What will make you buy this?

  • The usage of this medicinal status garment also gives importance to the main issue regarding the incisions or the operations that women have faced.
  • The pains in the stomach and the back are reduced because of extra support offered by this particular girdle. It also enables the muscles to recover earlier.
  • The support of anatomic as well as compression might be accustomed for quicker recovery.
  • You can also get the girdle that matches up your style and size from the official online shopping websites. You may also contact the company directly for further queries as they are always ready to serve their customers.

1.3 3 in 1 Postpartum Support - Belt Shapewear Waist Belts

best postpartum girdle


This is the best post-pregnancy girdle that comes with three belts to address issues related to the particular body parts like abdomen, the belly as well as the pelvis of a lady. It comes in one size, and the amount of compression can be accustomed either by making the belt tighter or untying it a little bit as per the requirement of the wearer.

The material used in making this product is of superior quality, lightweight along with the breathable fabric. It is always advisable to wash the girdle before you start using it. Furthermore, the wearer must evade any direct contact with her skin; hence, it will be better to wear a shirt before putting on the belt.

What will make you buy this?

  • These belts can be distinctly used, so it is entirely up to your wish that which belt you wanted to wear and for what period.
  • The distinct belts also support the mother to use those girdles that she feels is appropriate or required at a definite stage of postpartum.
  • This girdle uses the high-quality cloth that is not of elastic material. This girdle uses the high-quality cloth that is not of elastic material.

1.4 Leonisa Women's Slimming Braless Body Shaper in Classic Panty

best postpartum girdle


This girdle pays attention to the curves of the body beginning from the underneath area of the breast to the hips. With this belt, you can get a trimmed waist, a flat stomach and decreased the size of the hip. It is manufactured of 77 percent polyamide that provides the girdle an enhanced pliability and breathability, therefore decreasing the skin irritation in spite of the growing compressions.

What will make you buy this?

  • This girdle contains an ultra-flat zip end so that there is no kind of zipper knots displaying on the outer clothing.
  • It possesses three sets of hooks that can alter the girdle firmness as you slim down.
  • The hindmost section of the girdle is intended high in order to provide the outcome of a very slim shape without any lumps.
  • As this girdle is braless, you might still couple this with your favorite bra to feel relaxed. The girdles with in-built bras occasionally make the mothers uncomfortable as the inserted bra follows the belt size that is much lesser than her regular size of the brassiere.

1.5 Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle

best postpartum girdle


This is one more braless belt that aims the trimming of the belly as well as flattening of the stomach. Since this is braless, the wearer can wear this girdle with her desired bra. Even though the style of this girdle makes it stretched to the mid-leg for accessibility, but still there are issues of roll-ups. This product also devises an open crotch, so the mother does not face any difficulties while peeing.

What will make you buy this?

  • Apart from for the leg roll-ups, this product is one of the best girdles that are accessible in the market at present.
  • It also offers compression for the waist as well as abdomen.
  • This product is manufactured by keeping in mind the issues of peeing by providing an open crotch.
  • It could be used for the mothers who had stomach tucks, liposuction as well as V-section.
  • The inbuilt anti-bacterial properties of the product safeguard that no type of infections strike while these belts are taken to use.

2. Pros and Cons of Postpartum Girdles

2.1 Pros of Postpartum Girdles

Shape the body of a mother

The key advantage of the Postpartum girdle is that it helps you in getting the return to the actual body shape which you have before the time of pregnancy. The additional weight increased throughout the months of pregnancy loosens the skin, as well as the stretch marks, also appear on multiple parts of the woman body.

A post-partum girdle will help you to recover more rapidly from all these body-shape conditions. The current girdles are far better than the outdated corsets which were not exceptionally tight. While wearing a girdle, if you are observing any faintness then it means the product is compressing your abdomen excessively.​

Provides post-delivery support

The next main advantage of the girdle is that it offers support equally to the back as well as abdomen. It also makes everything constrained so that it becomes stress-free for you to uphold your posture. The state of skin after post-delivery is quite similar to the condition after liposuction in which the patients are required to wrap up their skin firmly for few weeks.

Rapid fixed

In the current scenario of today’s world, a mother does not have so much time for recovery as she has to come back early to their routine daily lives. In these situations, the ways like spending hours in the gym or waiting for the self-recovery of the body are not useful. Therefore, wearing a postpartum girdle is the best alternative as it does not need mothers to imply their additional time to get back in the shape.

2.2 Cons of Postpartum Girdles

Uneasiness caused by the girdles

The girdle is not a very comfortable product as sometimes it pinches and gets tight nearby the abdomen. In the post-pregnancy period, when this product is required to be worn, a mother also has to incline to their newborns who would relish having a softer stomach instead of a snug one. Thus, if you are using a girdle, you must use it for eight hours and not 24/7.

Post-delivery discomfort

The initial few days of post-delivery are very hurting, and if a mother is requested to wear a girdle which is tight as well as compresses your stomach straightaway, then it might be difficult. That is why you must make your decision wisely that are you capable of bearing the additional pain owing to the girdle instantly after the delivery or you want to wait for some weeks. You should remember that for the best and better results, it is suggested to begin wearing a belt straight away after the delivery.

Specific type of awkwardness

Few women feel awkwardness while dressed in a postpartum girdle. This discomfort might be due to the two reasons i.e. maybe they do not wish to disclose that they are making some efforts to get back into their shape or perhaps felt that they have selected an easier alternative instead of working harder to recover their shape of the body. There can be any reason, but they feel it like humiliation if any other person came to know about it.

3. Which postpartum girdle is right for you?

Style or kind of girdle

You must be aware that what type of girdle you would like to wear i.e. a wrap-around style or pull on. Every selection totally depends on the individual preference; however the shape of the body and the kind of delivery also plays a significant role in making this selection.

Requirement of Support

If you want to use it in the early weeks after the childbirth, then you will need a support that offers high compression for your maximum benefit. But, if you want to use it after few weeks of childbirth, then you must change to the shapewear styles and begin the stomach strengthening workouts.

Waist Size

You must check your size of the waist as well as the upper body length to ensure that the girdle will get fit easily. You can also use the compression belts that hospitals provide in order to lose the early postpartum belly.

Hygiene level

A postpartum girdle must be decent breathable or made up of sterile fiber which is best for preventing any smell. However, you should consider purchasing two products so that it becomes easy to alternate among the washes.

4. A Few Things to Remember While Wearing a Post- Pregnancy Girdle

The following is the list of few things that you need to remember while wearing a post-pregnancy girdle:

  • After the delivery, your body will need few months in order to get back to a normal shape. Thus, you should give more time to make it heal and recover.
  • You should also consult your doctor before started wearing a girdle.
  • There must be an assurance that you wear the postpartum girdle only after cleaning yourself carefully. But, you should keep the body area dry so that no infection or itchiness arises.

5. Conclusion

A postpartum girdle assists mothers a lot by reinstating their dropped dispositions that arise post-delivery. The current postpartum girdle also has the features that not only boosts up the confidence of a mother but also make them look fit. The selection of the best post-partum girdle totally depends on the individual requirements, necessities, and the budget. Therefore, by keeping in mind all the above-discussed points, a good and better decision can be made while choosing the best postpartum belly band for you.

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