Bathing Your Toddler: Make Bath Time Safe & Easy

Bathing Your Toddler: Make Bath Time Safe and Easy

Bathing your toddler is a time when you have to be extremely cautious, but it does not mean that you cannot have fun with your baby during bathing. It is also a time where you can share special connection and love with your little one. Bath time is the time when most of the babies like to play in the water. By keeping a few things in your mind, you can make bath time of your toddler both fun and safe at the same time.

One of the common doubts regarding bathing your toddler is that how often you can bathe your child. Well, most of the pediatricians recommend bathing your toddler 2 to 3 times a week, as their skin is very sensitive. Especially if your child has a very delicate and dry skin, do not give a bath every day, as it will strip off the natural oils from your baby’s body. If you feel your child is more active and require more bathing, you can increase the number of bathing.Bathing Your Toddler: Make Bath Time Safe & Easy

Must follow the appended safety tips while bathing your toddler

Do not force your baby to sit down or stand in a bathtub

If your toddler usually sits down or stand during a bath, do not force her to change the position. If your baby prefers to stand up in the bathtub, do not force the child to sit, as it is not safe. You can use full sized non-slippery mats and any accessories to protect your child from falling. Toddlers, who learned to walk, sit or stand recently would love to do it all the time. So while bath, do not force them to change the way they do because this does not last long. With time, when they learn about the advantages of taking a bath by sitting they would be willing to change.

Never leave your child unsupervised

It is an important rule you must follow religiously, whenever you take your child for a bath. You must make sure that your child is under supervision all the time right from the beginning to the very end. As toddlers are very curious, you cannot guess of the things they would do when you put the child in a water-filled bathtub. Also, make sure that you gather all the essential stuff you need so that you do not have to leave the bathroom in the middle of bathing your toddler. If at all, you have to exit the bathroom in case anybody rings the doorbell, towel your baby and take him along with you.

Check the temperature of the water

Never put your child in the bathtub when the water is running because you never know when the temperature changes. Always, do check the temperature of the water yourself before putting your toddler in the tub. Carefully mix both cold and hot water so that water is warm enough for your little one.

Make sure that the bathtub is safe

Bathtubs can be extremely slippery, so make sure that you put non-slipper bath mats in the tubs before putting your baby in. Make your child wear cushioned head spouts to protect their heads. One-inch water is enough for your baby to drown so that empty the tub immediately after use and always hold your child’s hand during the bath. Do not allow your toddler to touch the faucet and its handles, as it can be dangerous.

Choose bath toys wiselyBathing Your Toddler: Make Bath Time Safe & Easy

It is okay to have toys in your baby’s bathtub, but you need to choose them carefully. Choose toys according to your child’s age to ensure maximum safety. Avoid using toys, which they can keep in the mouth and do discuss with your pediatrician if you have any doubts regarding choosing choice.

Deal with your toddlers fear

Some toddlers might be afraid to take a bath and if it happens to your baby, do not ignore it. Try taking a bath with your baby so that eventually your child’s fear will go away. You can allow your child to sit in the tub and play without adding water and gradually fill the tub with water when they are comfortable with it.

Avoid bubble bath if possible

Although not scientifically proved, many moms have reported that bubble bath causes irritation in their toddlers. Toddlers who have a dry skin may get irritated soon when using bubble bath. If you see any redness on your baby’s skin soon after a bath, stop using bubble bath.

Keep on experimenting with various bathing products to find the right one, which matches with your baby’s skin type. Trial and error is the only method, which will work perfectly. Every baby skin is highly sensitive and using harsh products can irritate your child’s skin fast. Make sure that you use child-friendly specially designed mild soap and shampoos.

Bathing Your Toddler: Make Bath Time Safe & EasyConclusion

Make bath time of your toddler a fun time.  You can make it live, active and fun by adding foam bath letters, bubbles, bath paint and other accessories. Turn your baby’s bath into an enjoyable and relaxed experience so that they beg to have a bath every next time. Mommies, it is time to get creative.

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