Crib and Playard: Which is better for your baby?

Motherhood is a beautiful and an exceptional experience that changes the life for better. However, along with bounds of happiness, it also brings some worries and anxiety of making sure that your child gets the best of everything. For the new moms, one of the most pressing dilemmas and worry is about the choice between a Crib and a Playard for the baby.

A best playard and crib can answer all your questions by giving you a detailed account of both the options regarding pros and cons. Remember to choose wisely as your baby deserves nothing short of very best in his or her formative years. Choosing the best between a playard and crib as the sleeping option for your child is the most important aspect of setting up of a nursery for the child.

To ease out your confusion and to empower you to make the best decision for your child, here we present the comparison between playard and crib.

The difference between Playard and Crib:​

Although both are comfortable and safe as the sleeping alternatives for the baby, there is few significant difference between playard and crib. Some major ones are:​

  • Playard is small, portable and easy to use the sleeping place for the child whereas the crib is larger, with high handles on the sides, which can even use as a sleeping bed once the baby, becomes the toddler.
  • Both are safe and comfortable, but cribs become little inconvenient to use due to higher edges which make picking and keeping the baby difficult every time, especially if the mother is still recovering from a difficult delivery or caesarean. In the case of a bassinet, it is easy to use and can be shifted from one place to another with relative ease.
  • The crib is little expensive as compared to the playard. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget owing to the newborn child's added expenses, you might like to choose a playard. They are much more affordable and give you the freedom to replace them once the baby grows up and need a bigger sleeping area.
  • Playard can be easily kept in the parents’ bedroom near their bed due to the smaller size so that the child gets constant supervision and care during initial days as compared to the cribs, which due to their larger size, often need a separate room.

Below are the advantages of both the option so that you can take an informed decision:

Benefits of the Playard:​

They are bassinet or 'pack and play.’ Playard is a natural alternative for the crib and has several unique features. Read on to know more:

  • Space Saving: One of the advantages of the playard is that are much less space consuming. If you are losing your peace of mind thinking about making a place for the crib in an already cluttered house, bassinet or playard is the best answer. They take almost half the space as cribs and keep your baby comfortable and safe. Parents can keep it comfortably in the same room and child can get constant care and attention from the mother.
  • Portability: The reason why playard is gaining popularity is also their portability. You can easily move it from living area to bedroom and vice versa very conveniently, without the hassle of dissembling and then re-assembling like a crib. They are easy to carry along on a short vacation or a trip to ensure that the child gets the home comfort outside also.
  • Dual purpose: Bassinets or playard have an added advantage to serve as a playpen for the baby at times and can be of dual use. If you are trying to work from home and want to ensure baby’s safety, playard can keep in front of you as a playpen for the baby, and you can keep an eye on your child.
  • Comfort and convenience: Playard is highly comfortable for the child because of their small size. They are equally safe like cribs and can easily keep in the bedroom next to the bed so that your kids have a safety net alongside in the form of the parent’s presence. They also become very handy to the mothers for midnight feedings and at the times when baby wakes up and need immediate care and attention.
  • Variety in the form of equipment: It comes in many different varieties with some useful material such as reversible napper and changer, natural and soothing surroundings, which makes them much more usable and worth the money. In addition, they come in a very convenient manner, which makes nappy changing and other such tasks much easier without making the baby uncomfortable.
  • Affordable and low costing: Bassinet with all their benefits and advantages comes at a very affordable pricing as compared to a crib. They are budget friendly and serve the purpose perfectly. It is wise to invest less in playard as the baby will grow fast and in few months will no longer fit in it, and you always will have to do bed shopping.

Benefits of the Crib:

  • Long-term uses: You can use a crib for several years, unlike other options. Your baby can easily fit in the crib comfortably for initial few years, without you getting worried about the child growth and thinking about a replacement.
  • Alternative to playard: It is a common fact that each baby is different with different needs and requirements. Some kids and moms prefer cribs over pack n' play due to several reasons such as more space to move around, higher boundaries to safeguard the child in case no one is around and their long handles to prevent baby fall.

Giving their child the best of everything is every mom's dream and desire. Baby's comfort and security become the first preference in whatever they do. Early days will be particularly crucial, as the child is entirely dependent on the mom for everything. The choice between a playard and a crib becomes very necessary to make at times.

Prioritizing your child's need above everything is essential when you want to choose between a playard and crib. If your child needs feeding at a regular interval, craves for the comfort of the mother nearby, playard and bassinet are your answer. They will also serve as a playpen for the baby, will take less space in the house, will be entirely comfortable and safe for the child. It will not affect your budget at all.​

Go for the crib instead; if you are looking for something permanent for several years without the headache of replacement or your baby prefer something bigger and spacious. Always choose considering all the pros and cons of every option. After all, nothing is more important than the happy, comfortable and safe childhood for your baby.

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