Time To Introducing Juice To Your Baby

Time To Introducing Juice To Your Baby

Many of us have had some instances in life when we have felt that the another side of the Pasteur is always greener. Every stage in life makes us experience this saying. While carrying a baby in the womb is difficult, giving birth to the child bearing the labor is all the more painful. Giving birth to a child bearing the labor pain is not the end of it all. Raising a kid particularly in the early years is the toughest among all the stages. One main doubt that haunts every new mother is the exact timing to introduce fruit juice to the child. Let us have a look at the nitty-gritty involved in adding juice to your baby.

Water is Risky for young children

One might feel amazed when we say that water is unsafe for young children. Let us go into the substantiation for the same

  • One of the common recommendations made by Medical Professionals across the world is that mother’s milk is essential and inevitable for baby during their early stage of life.
  • Researchers recommend that mothers must breastfeed their baby, and should not stop breastfeeding unless there are serious health issues endanger the mother or the baby.
  • If withdrawal of mother’s milk reduces the risks of stopping it, then the same mother’s can do it based on medical advice.
  • Researches substantiate that educating the parents about the goodness of breastfeeding the baby is an essential aspect.
  • While breastfeeding the newborn, it is not advisable to feed them with any liquids like glucose water, formula and other types of fluids including water.
  • Other type of fluids must be administered on infants only if the same has been recommended by qualified medical professional to manage some other medical problem that persists in the child or the mother.

One more reason why it is risky to give water to young children is that water does not have any nutritional value that mother’s milk has. However, water is capable of making the baby feel filled up quickly than mother’s milk. When we get tempted to feed the baby with water, we are depriving him of nutrition essential for the child's healthy growth. Remember, mother's milk has approximately 88% water content, which suffices a baby’s requirement until he is six months old. Water is safe for infants after they start taking solid foods, which may happen after the 6th month.

Time To Introducing Juice To Your Baby

When can babies start drinking juice?

It is a typical question that arises mainly because of the different unasked suggestions were given by people who visit the newborn and the lactating mother. Juices, like water, fill the little tummies of babies faster than other healthy alternatives like mother’s milk. However, unlike water, juices do have nutritional value. Sugar added fruit juice acts as the spoilsport. Young babies get hurt in multiple ways when sugar consumed on a regular basis.

  • Medical fraternity strongly advice not to feed the children juice of any fruit till they are six months old.
  • Infants must be fed fruit juice only after they complete six months.
  • After completing six months, a baby can feed with fruit juice using spoons and cups and not certainly in bottles.
  • Ensure to feed the baby with just 4 ounces of fruit juice which can feed along with snacks or meals and not separately.
  • If juice is given to the child separately, it will fill his stomach and deprive him of getting fed with nutritious food.
  • Giving the child increased quantity of juice may also result in various other physical conditions like obesity, diarrhea and diaper caused rashes.
  • Strictly avoid allowing the child to sleep with the bottle in the mouth, particularly when it contains juice. It may result in tooth decay.

Researchers emphasize not to feed babies lesser than six months with juice since growth of permanent teeth is directly related to juice consumption at the early stage.

Can I make homemade juice for my baby?

Let us understand the fact straight away. No, babies should not feed with homemade juice. Fruit juice never undergoes any pasteurization process when prepared at home. It means there is a high possibility for the presence of bacteria in the juice. It may cause food poisoning in babies leading to other complications. Even non-pasteurized apple cedar must not feed to the infants and toddlers.

Time To Introducing Juice To Your Baby

Important Points about Offering Your Baby Juice

In case you want your baby to get the complete nutrition available in fruits, you can go in for feeding them raw fruits. Ensure you feed the child as soon as you clean the fruits and peel their skin. Avoid storing cut fruits for feeding the infants later. If your baby is yet to complete eight months, medical experts recommend cooking the fruits before feeding the baby. Remember, most of the contaminations found in fruits are on the surface of the fruits.

For babies who are less than six months old

  • Avoid giving juice of any sorts to children less than six months of age.
  • Juices can fill in the babies tummies.
  • American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Breastfeeding says that children under six months need not be given juice even in hot climatic conditions since Mother’s milk provides enough water content.
  • National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia goes one step ahead and says babies need not be given juice till they complete 12 months.
  • It will stop them from eating solid foods and Formula drinks which have high nutritional value.
  • Once they start eating solid foods, probably you initiate feeding juice to the babies.

For infants who are over six months

  • Babies who are fed juice nurse less on their mother’s milk.
  • Juice can introduce to children in a gradual manner.
  • If at all you need to feed your baby with juice ensure you feed him using spoons or in cups rather than bottles.
  • Do not feed concentrated juice to the baby. Dilute the juice with water so that you can avoid all possible side effects.
  • Remember, like the Federal Health Department of the USA and many other Medical Research Councils all over the respective countries advice not to feed juice to babies until they are one year old. You can feed pasteurized water if the baby feels thirsty.

The Bottom Line

Ensure your child gets the best of your attention at all points of time particularly until he crosses 12 months. Do not heed to the suggestion of every passerby. Medical professionals are the best people to consult, particularly when it comes to child’s health. Remember, good health bestowed on the child during such early stages in life will help the child grow with high immunity levels throughout his life.

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