Preparing Homemade Baby Food

Preparing Homemade Baby Food – Part I

When it is time to introduce solid food to your baby rather than feeding milk alone, you start thinking about what foods you are going to give. It is one of the major developments of a child when he/she starts recognizing different tastes. Nowadays, you have a whole lot of options of organic baby food to choose. Nevertheless, most of the parents would like to feed their children with homemade food. Homemade baby food is an obvious thought because it is very safe and you exactly know what goes into their body.Preparing Homemade Baby Food

Why is homemade food a better choice?

Homemade baby food is safe, easy and economical. Why do you need to spend money on readymade store foods, when you can make food using fresh produce? It is better to homemade food because you know what exactly you are giving to your baby. There are some valid reasons why parents prefer homemade food over store bought ones.

Fresh food

It is a fact that we all like fresh foods, so why should not we choose fresh food for our little ones. If you are making baby food at home, you can make it new every time. The food you prepare at home will not be a processed one, and it does not contain preservatives to make it last longer. Moreover, it doesn’t occupy its position on a shelf store for a long time. You have to include fruits and vegetables in your baby’s diet regularly so that it will help in their overall growth and development.Try to familiarize the taste of fresh food at a very young age itself.

More variants

Store bought baby food doesn’t have many variants, but homemade food varieties are limitless. You can choose any types of vegetables for making fresh foods instead of relying on the formulas adopted by baby food companies. , You cannot find melons and cauliflower in the store-bought baby foods. If you are making it at home, you can adjust the thickness of the food according to your child’s preference.

Cost effective

Making homemade food for you babies is cost effective, and you can save a lot of money by making that change. You know that all the baby food stuff are expensive. Moreover, you are not compromising anything by switching on to homemade food. Saving money is just a bonus.

Healthy and nutritious

It is a fact that baby food brands put a lot of care and effort in making nutritious food for children. But as they are manufacturing baby foods with commercial intent, they can never be as fresh as a freshly prepared homemade food. Also, as these food preparations undergo a various process which can apparently strip off some of the nutritional qualities of the food. Whereas homemade food contains no preservatives or artificial flavors that are harmful to your child. If your baby suffers from any nutritional deficiency, you can compensate it by including those nutrients through food.

What are the gadgets required to make homemade baby foods?

Preparing Homemade Baby FoodFor preparing baby food at home, you do not need any fancy accessories. You need to make sure that you pick up the fresh produce of food items. Although there is no requirement for any professional/industrial equipment, you need to have some processing equipment, which comes handy.

Food grinder

A baby food grinder is an inexpensive option to break down your baby food. It is portable and doesn’t use electricity. Even though they are not fancy, you need to buy one based on user reviews. Because grinders don’t work the way how you want to get the result. It does not cost you a fortune but makes sure you never will invest money in a wrong product.

Hand blender

A hand blender is a useful equipment if you want to make baby food at home. It is an electric gadget, and you have to place the blender on the food, and it will break down larger chunks in a jiffy.

Food processor

Even if you don’t have specialized blenders, you do not need to worry as a food processor can help you to do all the work. There will be at least a single regular kitchen blender at every home. A food processor is enough for making baby food.

Tips for preparing baby food at home safely

Preparing Homemade Baby Food
• Use filtered water for cooking and washing your baby’s dishes and bottles. Wash it with hot water and cleaner.
• Make sure that your hands are clean while making food for your baby. You also need to sterilize bottles and plates before using them. If your child is eating with hands, ensure that you wash his hands before having food.
• Use quality food grade utensils to serve and store baby food.
• If you are reheating food, do not do it more than once. Rewarming food more than 2 times removes all of its nutrients. It might also lead to quick spoilage of food. Allow it to cool down properly before feeding your baby.
• Do not use leftover food on your child’s plate.


For those busy parents who go for work, buying store bought baby food might be easier. Making baby food at home is a messy procedure, and it takes a lot of time. However, you can always opt for homemade food whenever you are at home with your baby. It doesn’t mean that you have to give homemade food to your child all the time. If you can manage to make food for your baby at home every time, it is way better. Nevertheless, if you cannot afford to do that, you can feed your baby with store bought food at times. However, finding some time to prepare home food for your child might be an easy thing if you wish to give a try.

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