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Top 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags To Securely Store Your Breastmilk

As moms, we know that our natural breast milk is the healthiest formula we could ever provide to our infants. It contains antibodies that cannot be engineered and equaled by any other milk formula that has ever been made. While it is true that most use plastic for milk storage, this brings harm to our babies. This is why we recommend using breast-milk storage bags. There is A LOT of products available on the market. But fret not, we will provide you the right information on how to identify a good quality breast milk storage and our top 5 best products review.

Why do you need to use breast-milk storage bags?

In providing our babies the right milk, we also need to provide a proper storage for it. Why do you need to pass on the plastic bags you usually use for your breast milk? Simply because plastic materials do have BPA which stands for bisphenol A, a chemical that can harm your infants, and we don’t want that to happen.

Breast milk storage bags are more than just a ziplock bags. They are specially made to hold and store breast milk. Unlike other plastic storage bags, they don’t have any BPA that makes it safer to use. It is thicker and durable enough to let you use it when thawing or freezing your milk.​

To learn more about proper handling and storage of your breast milk, click here. Also, here is also a resourceful video on breast milk storage tips.

*Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Things you need to consider when you buy breast milk bags

When you are looking for the best breast milk bag, remember that some bags have certain features than others that you might not like. It is always to check your preferences and what you like the best. However, consider the most basic things you need to consider as a smart consumer:

Be safe

It is not always true that cheaper brands provide no quality of standards. However, some of the brands have the low price because of the quality of the item’s materials. One of the ways to ensure safety this is to buy from a reputable and trusted brand. Ask your friends and family to recommend good and family-trusted brands that they use.

Be durable

It is always nicer to buy these breast milk bags in brick and mortar stores. In this way, you can check if the item is durable and can withstand multiple usages.

However, if you are planning to have it online, it would be hard to gauge the quality and the durability of the item. This includes its thickness, materials used, etc. Remember that some manufacturer online does not put any information to trick customers. One advice we can give you is to read some reviews about certain products. One of the features you might need to look for is the thickness of the material. This ensures that it can stand a certain amount of temperature (crucial when thawing and freezing breast milk).

Have a variety of features​

When you use storage bags, you can do either or both of these things: you can pump the milk directly in the bag when you are filling it OR you can pump into a bottle and then transfer or decant the milk into the bag. This is completely convenient because this feature allows you to use your breast milk storage bag and attaching it directly to the breast pump.

However, some of the brands might not have this certain feature. So in buying, consider finding this breast milk storage system.​

It needs to be affordable

We already mentioned about the quality of materials that the item is made of. However, as moms, we also need to consider the monies we spend every day. If you can opt for a cheaper but with the quality product, then why not!

One way to save extra cash is to check and compare storage bags. Don’t buy immediately. Compare the features and the price. If item X has similar features of item Y, but cheaper, then go to item X.

Another way to save money is to buy in bulk. Especially when you buy online, find some trusted brands that let you buy without shipment fee, in return for buying in bulk. However, you need to consider how many will you use. It is not practical either to spend without having to use them at all.​

Easy to use

When thawing, you would need a bag that has thick seams that can accommodate expansion. A bag that has a pouring spout is also easy to use. You can also try to find some products that have a good labeling. This ensures that the bag is easy to write on.

We also advised that you buy the item that has a double zipper. This will effectively avoid milk spilling and leaks. On the other hand, we discourage you from choosing those that have the tie or tag seals as they can easily leak.​

Tip for using breast milk storage bags

  • Wash your hands before pumping
  • Remove the excess air from the bag before sealing it tightly
  • The amount of milk you need to put into the bag must be consumable in one feeding. Putting too much and storing too long are not recommended
  • After feeding, throw away the extra milk in the bag. Once the milk is contaminated with saliva, there is no saving it from bacteria even if you put into the freezer
  • It is advised for moms to have 8-10 nursing session every day
  • Keep your breast milk within 6-8 hours
  • You can refrigerate your milk not more than five days
  • Don’t mix the frozen and fresh milk

How to proper thaw your Breast Milk with safe procedures

  • Do not leave milk at a room temperature to thaw
  • Use a bottle warmer. Other method includes adding a hot water into any container and leave the bag in the bottle.
  • Don’t shake but swirl gently
  • Test the milk temperature. Make sure it is not too hot nor too cold.
  • DO NOT refreeze thawed milk.

Image via Tommeetippee.us

Top 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Via Amazon.com

This product is one of the most known brands by mothers online. There are two of the things which I like in this product. The first one is the price. For only 13 dollars, you can have a box with 100 pieces of breast milk bags. It is surely cheaper than any other brands.

Another thing that struck me was the easy and convenient to use the spout. Unlike other products, I had a very smooth method to spill and feeding milk to my baby.

While the product offers a “double click and secure” type of seal to the consumers, I noticed that few bags leaked. However, I am not sure if it was because of the bag themselves or if I over spilled milk in it.​


  • Has patented double “Click and Secure” seal
  • Easy to pour thanks to the spout
  • Has a large bag
  • Suitable for thawing
  • Well-priced

Via Amazon.com

Probably one of the most classy and innovative designs I have ever seen, this product has A LOT of features and milk storage options that can offer to you. Aside from it can fit any major breast pump but also can slot neatly into any bottle.

This might not be a cheap product; however, rest assured that you are paying for a good quality. From the storage options, easy to use spout, to the small features it has – ultimately a good product. One of the downsides of this item is the price. It might hurt your pockets if you are more into “practical” and average-priced items.


  • Has a direct pump attached to it
  • Has a natural-feeling nipple
  • The spout makes pouring so much easier than the ziplock style
  • Have many add-ons
  • No Air Ingestion
  • Flexible Feeding

Via Amazon.com

This item is what you are looking for if you are finding a quality product yet needing to save some extra cash. It has a double zipper that ensures no leaking of milk. It is also easy to use because the bag can stand on its own, so you can have an easy time pouring milk inside. It also has labeling where you can write your pumping date and time.

So far, out of 50 bags, I only experienced leaking in one bag. I am not even sure if this was due to the bag’s quality or because I over spilled milk in it.


  • Double zipper bag to avoid leakage
  • Very affordable for a premium quality
  • Has a gravity fed pour spout for easy transfer of milk
  • Can stand because of its self-standing bottom
  • Has a labeling for writing date and time

Via Amazon.com

Aside from its very affordable price where you can get 50 bags for only 9 to 19 dollars, the item also provides a high-quality standard. It has an “oxygen barrier” that let the bag preserves the milk nutrients and minerals. When it comes to its convenience, the item has an easy-to-use zip top that allows you to seal the bag without any chance of spillage and leakage.

Like other brands, I also experienced leakage in some of this brand’s bags. However, comparatively, most of the bags worked so fine, out of 50, only less than five bags leaked.


  • Come with two adapters
  • Has an “oxygen barrier” that protects preserves milk nutrients
  • Cheap compared to other brands
  • Easy to use top design
  • Can stand on its own, making it less difficult to transfer milk
  • You can pump straight into the bag

Via Amazon.com

This is another premium quality breast milk storage bag. Aside from Dr. Brown has been one of the most trusted brands by other moms and me, their products can also prove themselves. I have been using Dr. Brown’s storage bags, and I can vouch that 99 out of 100 will provide you non-leaking quality bags.

Like the NUK, the bags can also stand by themselves, making it easy to pour milk into it. It also has a good and easy to use spout as well as labeling where you can easily write the date and time of your pumping.

Unlike the NUK, this item is highly-priced. Maybe it is because they know that they are providing consumers a good quality product. But if I would be given a chance to choose, I would choose NUK, as you will be paying a lesser cost for the same quality item. However, the item offers an accurate measurement of labeling and organizing.​


  • Thick, durable material
  • Has a self-standing bottom for easier milk pouring
  • Has accurate measurement, organizing, and labeling
  • Good quality product

Image via Philips.com

Our Top Pick: Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags

When you are saving money, and at the same time finding a good quality breast milk storage bags, we recommend Lansinoh Breast Milk Storage Bags. This is, by far, the cheapest quality product I have encountered. You can have a hundred bags for just 13 dollars. What I like about it is that it has a “Click and Secure” seal, a convenient pour out and a safe and durable bag fit for thawing and freezing.

We hope that we provided you just the right information in taking good care of your baby’s milk. Remember that it is always good to provide a safety storage that secures your child’s health. If you like the post, give us a comment below and don’t forget to share to other mommies out there!

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