Best Pack and Play - All We need To Know

Pack and Play – All We Need To Know

A Pack and Play is a modern and improved version of the traditional sleeping crib for your baby. Also known as, Travel Yards, Pack and Play are portable, lightweight and provide a safe space for your child to play and sleep. Mostly, the Pack and Plays these days come with a bassinet option, a changing station, and a travel bag.

Pack and Plays are becoming quite popular with parents these days because they are safe, less expensive and portable. They stand as a better alternative to cribs today because if you have to travel somewhere, you can take these along with you.

​Types of Pack and Plays

There are two types of Pack and Plays available in the markets, which are mostly suitable for all of your necessary requirements. The types are as follows:

Type of pack and play

Basic Pack and Play​

The Basic Pack and Play version is lighter in weight and does not come with added features that are available in the Deluxe version. It's also less wide and can fit through any door. Since it's lightweight, it's more convenient to use and more comfortable to carry. You can easily keep it in the car's trunk. The basic version comes with mesh on all sides and a travel bag. Therefore, if you travel a lot, you should opt for the Basic Pack and Play.​

Deluxe Pack and Play​

Deluxe Pack and Plays are more expensive than the basic Pack and Plays and come with added features. It is more robust and wider than a Basic model. Most of the basic models are 28 inches wide whereas the deluxe model is 28.8 inches wide and hence, fitting it through doors could be a problem. Further, it is not comfortable to carry and travel as the added features make it heavy. Some of the features that you will find in deluxe model are:​

  • Vibrating Mattress
  • Removable bassinet
  • Built-in pockets for storing changing essentials and pads
  • Nightlight
  • Some Deluxe Pack and Plays also come with a built-in soothing system.
  • Canopies
  • Robust construction by using metal, polyester, and plastic
  • Foldable feet and wheels
  • Carry bag for easy transportation
  • Mesh side for free airflow and clear side view

Even though the Deluxe model is expensive than the basic model, it will be an ideal choice for parents who do not want to take it along with them while traveling. It is a perfect crib to keep at home as a home care Pack and Play station.

Best pack and play - all we need to know

Advantages of using Pack and Plays​

1. At night, when your baby cries at 3 A.M, you do not have to search for the diaper in the darkness. The diapers, wipes and a place to change are available right there. The changing table is removable, and once you finished with your activities, you can detach it quickly.

2. The Pack and Plays provide a smaller sleeping area when compared to traditional cribs. Babies feel very much comfortable while sleeping in Pack and Plays.

3. You cannot take the crib everywhere. It is heavy, bulky, and won't fit in the trunk of your car. However, the same is not true for Pack and Plays. You can easily fold it and fit into the traveling bag provided along with it. Thus, you can carry it conveniently along with you wherever you want to go. Unrestricted portability is the greatest advantage of Pack and Play crib.

4. Pack and Plays are less expensive than the traditional sleeping cribs. They are inexpensive and hence will be reachable to an ordinary family budget. It is much better than your regular crib.

5. Since you can fold the Pack and Plays when you do not need it, they also save up a lot of space. They are shorter than sleeping cribs. Further, it comes with wheels, which means you can easily carry it from one room to another in your home.

6. Pack and Plays come in a variety of style, colors, and sizes. You can buy one, which matches the decor of your house. They will look sassy when paired with the color of your drapes or sofa.​

Disadvantages of using Pack and Plays

As the size of Pack and Plays are smaller when compared to a standard crib, a possibility is that your baby will outgrow it quickly. The average period of usage that you can get from a crib is 3 years whereas the normal maximum period of usage that you can get from a Pack and Play is of two years.

Make Pack and Play more comfortable

Although proper facilities provided in Pack and Plays to make it comfortable, some babies might find it uncomfortable and would not like to rest in one. You can lay a fluffy quilted blanket and tuck it properly around the mattress to ensure that your baby feels cozy and comfortable.

Things to avoid

  • All Pack and Plays have a weight limit. After your child reaches that weight, you should avoid using Pack and Plays. The weight limit is mostly 30 pounds, which are enough for your child until your child reaches around two years old.
  • You should not leave the baby alone in the crib; always keep him near your sight.
  • You should use one Pack and Play for only one baby at a time.
  • Do not hang strings over your Pack and Play to avoid the danger of strangulation. Also, do not keep it near blinds and drapes for the same reason.
  • Make sure that extra stuffing that you provide in the Pack and Play is not high enough for your baby to get out of the same.


These days, more and more new parents are choosing Pack and Plays over the traditional sleeping cribs because of the additional benefits it provides. It is also less costly and offers the best value for your money. Since they are very safe, you do not have to worry about your baby either, and because they can shift it from one place to another quickly and comfortably, they are an instant favorite among parents who are frequent travelers. These days, Pack n Play is using not only for an infant but also for toddlers. With so many advantages and comforts that it has to offer, Pack and Play are going to replace the cribs entirely in few years

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